Saturday, February 26, 2011

With regard to posting recipes...

Since I am such a newbie blogger I wasn't sure whether it was okay to post the recipes of all of the goodies I'm baking and I preferred to err on the side of not pissing anyone off. However, after a little searching, I found this post on the Food Blog Alliance website which quotes and links to the U.S. Copyright Office regarding posting recipes that are not your own. In short, according to the U.S. Copyright Office, the ingredient list is okay to post, but the word-for-word method/directions/instructions are not okay to post as they are considered "original works of authorship..."

So, with that said, I will begin posting the ingredient list with the source listed and a notation when/if I make changes to the ingredients. I will not post the word-for-word directions, although I may include my own tips or notes from my experience following the recipe.

Although I am not a pastry chef and don't write cookbooks, I do occasionally come up with my own recipes, see Pecan Lemon Biscotti, so in that case I will list the ingredients and directions. Also, if I find the recipe online - like I did with many of my Thanksgiving dishes (scroll to the bottom of the page) - I will link to the source and give my comments and/or feedback.

Bye for now...

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