Saturday, January 14, 2012

My 366 Photo Project, Snap Thursday: weeks 1 & 2

Knitty Baker's Snap Thursday This year my husband and I decided to take a photo a day for one year and post them on our blogs. He blogs at My Amateur Photography Blog and has already taken some really great pictures. With this being a leap-year, it will be 366 pictures in 2012 and my plan is to join in with a couple of fellow bakers - lead by Knitty Baker and ButterYum - and post on Snap Thursday. Of course I am getting a bit of a late start both in getting my first two weeks posted and posting on Thursday.

So, without further ado, here is my first set of pictures from weeks 1 & 2, January 1-12, 2012.

January 1: happy new year

January 2: a mural on the side of a cafe

January 3: rolling out pie crust

January 4: sleepy kitty

January 5: eucalyptus branches

January 6: almost time to take down the Christmas decorations

January 7: a small plaque in the sidewalk: laid by Simpson Bros.

January 8: Christmas trees out for recycling...bye bye Christmas 2011

January 9: the John Hancock building and a bit of the Boston skyline
(full disclosure: I somehow missed a photo for January 9, so this one is from January 11)

January 10: it snowed last night!
This has been such an odd winter - warm temps and only one (early season) snow storm.
This overnight dusting was gone by 9am.

January 11: adorable clematis seed pods from my mom's garden.
They look like a cross between an alien life form and something from a Dr. Seuss story. So cute!

January 12: fresh from getting my hair cut. Curly curly curly!

Bye for now...

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