Thursday, July 14, 2016

Eating out in Montréal, part IV: Gibbys & Modavie

The final post of my spring adventures in dining out in Montréal were dinners out at Gibbys and Modavie. Check out the other posts here: part I (Atwater Market & La Panthère Verte), part II (Bocata, La Gargote, & Olive et Gourmando), and part III (Resto L’Avenue, Pâtisserie Au Kouign Amann, and Cantinho de Lisboa)

Gibbys is a yummy steak house, built in a 200-year-old stone building that looks like the stables of an old castle. The atmosphere is kind of old school: the stone walls continue on the inside, it's somewhat formal (although there were plenty of diners casually dressed), and dimly-lit. It was fun for a fancy date night! Being that it was a steak house, both my husband and I ordered a steak and we both enjoyed the meal. They also did this funny thing (at least, funny to us as we'd never experienced this before) where, along with the bread, they brought us pickles and a small bowl of bacon bits. It was a little odd. The pickles I could kind of understand as vinegar can help with digestion (and most people are about to chow down on a steak), but the pickle-bacon combo was kind of funny.

The best part of the evening, by far, was the flaming after-dinner drink that my husband ordered. It was pretty intense! It began with the server rolling out a huge drink cart with coffee and sugar and flames and lots and lots of alcohol! She used about 4 different liquors and finished the drink by lighting it on fire. The glass was so hot that my husband had to use a hot pot holder just to hold the drink!

the interesting bread-pickles-bacon bits pre-dinner combo

my green salad

a lemon sorbet palate cleanser from the chef

mmmm...steak and lobster

steak with mushroom sauce

the amazing after-dinner drink show

our delicious hot apple croûte...we had to full!

Saving one of our favorites for last, Modavie! We've been to Modavie on several of our visits to Montréal and love it every time. We tend to eat out early so can usually get in without a reservation, but generally, this place is hopping as it gets later and the live music begins. The atmosphere at Modavie is fun and friendly and the food is delicious!

For dinner, we each had a salad and then I had the mussels and frites in a Pernod sauce (a seriously enormous portion!) and my husband had the steak frites. Montréal loves their steak frites :) 

Caesar salad with bacon and croutons

beet salad with goat cheese and candied walnuts

my enormous portion of mussels


a Montréal tradition, steak frites


another delicious apple in puff pastry...if there's fruit, it's healthy, right?


Bye for now...

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