Saturday, November 16, 2013

Apropos of Nothing

Just a few photos from the last year that I thought were worth posting.

My sweet cat, Asta, died this summer from feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). It was very sad, not only because it normally only affects kittens and she was 6, but also because we basically had to watch her die and there was nothing we could do about it. Our veterinary clinic, Arlington Animal Clinic, was really wonderful though throughout the 5 weeks or so from when we got the diagnosis until she died. And after Asta died, they sent us a condolences card signed by every person in the clinic. It was very sweet. Anyway, here is a picture of her in better days, before she got sick. She was the sweetest, kindest kitty. I miss her.

sweet Asta

This praying mantis was waiting for us one day on the screen door of our back porch. It was super cute and patient and let us take a ton of photos, including lots of close-ups.

quite the surprise when I went outside

I'm ready for my close up!

This photo is from last winter. Beautiful icicles glistening in the sun.

it's hard to believe these will be back soon

A bright red visitor from this summer. It's definitely a male and I think it's a "Northern" Cardinal. So pretty!

cardinal on a wire

up on the roof, checking out the birdfeeder from afar

feeling more comfortable, coming in to see what's for dinner

I think he spotted me through the window

just hanging out...

poised to fly

These photos are just some close-ups of condensation on a wine glass.

the light coming through the glass was so pretty

a drop runs down the side

My sister-in-law and niece made this cute origami animal zoo.


Bye for now...

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  1. I love reading your posts and seeing what is happening up in the north east! Thanks for sharing your pictures (and the butter experiment- I really didn't know if would be that easy!). Have a wonderful weekend- <3, E&A