Friday, February 13, 2015

Rose's Alpha Bakers: Caramel Whipped Cream

A quick post to showoff my delicious homemade caramel and Caramel Whipped Cream. During the week of the Chocolate Cuddle Cake, I neglected to make the accompanying Caramel Whipped Cream and was told over and over by the other Rose's Alpha Bakers that I had missed the best part of the Cuddle Cake! After such rave reviews, I knew I had to make this whipped cream the next chance I got.

For Valentine's Day, the Alpha Bakers are making another chocolate cake (Chocolate Pavarotti with Wicked Good Ganache) so I thought, what better accompaniment? Caramel Whipped Cream!

chocolate Pavarotti cake with caramel whipped cream

my gorgeous caramel!

I have to admit, I'm a bit of a caramel "chicken." The thought of accidentally spilling boiling hot sugar on my skin scares me. Plus, caramel seems so unforgiving! Leave some sugar crystals on the edge of the pan? It's ruined. Cook it a moment too long? Ruined. It's so temperamental! But, as they say...practice makes perfect, so I guess I'll need to just keep making more and more caramel until I master it.

Here are my caramel and Caramel Whipped Cream photos:

cocoa powder is mixed into the caramel
which is then mixed into the whipped cream

my sugar is boiling away

cream has been added

then butter is added

and it's stirred until blended

gorgeous caramel!

the melted cocoa powder is added to the caramel

and then the chocolate-caramel mixture is added to softly whipped cream

and it's beaten until delicious!

Bye for now...


  1. Oh yum! Next time I'm going to make double.

    1. I is SO good, right? I made double and just saved it in the fridge. I've been adding a spoonful of the caramel on the plate with the cake...delicious.

  2. Alice, I love that caramel whipped cream.. such a good idea to pair it with this cake. I'm sure the combo with the spicy ganache is pretty great.