Sunday, December 21, 2014

Rose's Alpha Bakers: Almond Coffee Crisps

The latest in my whirlwind baking adventure with my fellow Rose's Alpha Bakers is Almond Coffee Crisps from Rose Levy Beranbaum's The Baking Bible. The cookies are buttery and flaky; and because they are made without eggs, they are very delicate and melt in your mouth.

crispy with a hint of coffee flavor

Rose described these light and crumbly cookies as "crisp, fragile, ethereal" and they really are. I'd advise making these when you're going to serve and eat them all because they are very delicate (I broke two just lifting them from the baking might think I did this on purpose so I could eat them, but that was just a lucky coincidence!). They were also very fast and easy to make, another plus.

These cookies would go wonderfully with coffee or tea...a tea party, perhaps? I'd love to have a little tea party and serve finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, cookies, tiny pastries, and, of course, tea! These delicious cookies would fit in very well on my tea party sideboard!

mise en place for the cookies - so simple!

I was a little skeptical that the tiny bit of ingredients above would make 36 cookies...but, of course, they did (note to self: never doubt Rose!). The cookies spread quite a bit when baking, so what starts off as little cookies rounds when raw bakes up to nice 3" cookies when baked.

I decided to skip the final step of dusting each cookie with more espresso power. I wasn't sure if that would be coffee-overkill, or just make a mess. Either way, I'm glad I skipped it. There is still a hint of coffee flavor, but it's not overpowering. Overall? Yum! 

I processed the toasted almonds with a few tbsp of the flour mixture until finely ground
and then added the rest of the flour mixture and processed again

the result is similar to almond flour

the sugar and butter are creamed until smooth

then the flour is mixed in...

...and pulsed until the dough comes together

the finished dough is kneaded a few times to make sure all of the butter
is completely mixed in. The dough is extremely easy to make and work with.

tiny little balls of dough are measured out - 10g small!

all of my balls of cookie dough

a dozen balls of dough placed on the cookie sheet...

...and then pressed into flat rounds

they spread quite a bit when baked, into thin, crisp cookies

and done! A delicious plate of almond coffee crisps

time to make a pot of coffee and enjoy a cookie

Bye for now...


  1. ב''ה

    Your cookies look just right.

  2. Your cookies look perfect! And your dough is also dry like Mendy's. I guess maybe mine was cos was the butter is melting in the heat..

  3. Nice job. I actually did try a couple of cookies with the espresso sprinkled on top, but didn't like it.... thought it left a bitter aftertaste. I like how your cookies turned out. Hope you can stop by and see my delectable flat crisps.

    Patricia @ ButterYum

  4. Boy do your cookies look perfect. Nice job Alice. I think you have the special touch.

    1. Thank you :) I really enjoyed making these (much more than all of the dough rolling and chilling from last week).

  5. Boy, your cookies are so completely tidy!! You're right- never doubt Rose!! See the tale of my "conversation" with her at www.artfuloven. I didn't press mine as flat as yours but they ended up the same way in the end!!

  6. I agree with Michele--very tidy cookies. I'm pretty sure that's exactly what they're supposed to look like.

  7. They would be perfect for a tea party!

  8. Perfect cookies and I agree, never doubt Rose!