Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Rose's Alpha Bakers: Almond Coffee Crisps, part II

After my epic canelé post from yesterday, here is a short and sweet post about a second take on some delicious cookies.

Last week, in week four of my Rose's Alpha Bakers group, was the delicious, light and crunchy Almond Coffee Crisps from Rose Levy Beranbaum's The Baking Bible.

I enjoyed them so much that I decided to make the recipe again to give to my family on Christmas. However, this time I used some cocoa powder instead of espresso powder since some family members dislike coffee. Ta are my Almond Chocolate Crisps. They are very similar to the Coffee Crisps...except chocolatey, as you'd expect :)  I highly recommend this (and the original) recipe. It's very quick to make and the cookies are delicious!

Almond Chocolate Crisps - all bagged up and ready for gifting

Almond Coffee Crisps on the left; Almond Chocolate Crisps in the right

I only took a few photos from yesterday's Almond Chocolate Crisps, but you can see the step-by-step photos of the original Almond Coffee Crisps here.

I used some cocoa powder instead of espresso powder

the cocoa is so fine that it blended too well into the flour, so I didn't get any
of the pretty speckles that I had with the coffee version

which to eat first, coffee crisp or chocolate crisp...dilemma, dilemma!

Bye for now...

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