Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Morning Spent at the Garden Center

In preparation for our soon-to-be new garden at our soon-to-be new house, hubby and I spent last Saturday morning wandering through a local Mahoney's Garden Center. We're planning to do perennial gardens but since we are in the Northeast, all that was available at Mahoney's at the moment are houseplants, annuals, some potted bulbs and - since it was the day before Easter - lots and lots of Easter lilies.

Here are some of the plants we saw:

spiky red cordyline

a gorgeous gray-green olive tree

two types of aralia

a field of alyssum

hellaborus in full bloom

flowering heather

sweet scented jasmine

cyclamen, looking like they are about to take flight

string of bananas - cute!

echeveria derenosa, an adorable succulent

a gardenia bush - its scent was intoxicatin

the alien-like pasque flower

purple violas

yellow violas

a close up of a blooming hyacinth bulb

a tiny English daisy

the bizarre-looking goldfish plant

happy Easter!

Bye for now...

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