Saturday, May 4, 2013

Summertime Grilling

Wow - I can't believe it's been almost nine months since I've posted. I've missed you, blog!! I've started grad school, for counseling psychology, and so sadly, my baking and time in the kitchen has morphed into class, time with huge books on my lap, and writing papers. So far, though (2 semesters in, while working fulltim), I am rocking a 4.0 so I am extremely proud of myself.

I have several old draft posts from last summer and fall, so I'll catch up and post these as I procrastinate finishing a paper.

These photos are from one of our first BBQs of the summer last year (June 2012). Us New Englanders call anything cooked outside, over fire, BBQ...whether or not you make actual BBQ. As soon as the weather is warm enough - or we can make a small path in the snow - we like to cook on the grill. Food always tastes better cooked on the grill.

summertime perfection: grilled corn on the cob and a Sam's Summer Ale

we also baked some potatoes on the grill

bite-sized beets fresh from my veggie delivery...yum

grilled porkchops with a little marinade, salt and pepper

I made a salad with the leftovers


tossed and ready to enjoy!

Bye for now...

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